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Trends are everything, and blogs suffice to  highlight the trends first and set you on your way. All over street style sites the infamous huge geek specs are popping up and many have coveted or dismissed them.

In reality it feels like a trend, such as high waisted, turbans and PVC, may be massively gossipped about on the net to the interested, but on the street it is totally absent. In a way it's better because it's not sheep style for a few months, if ever, but otherwise people don't understand, and therefore ridicule (in my world at least).

I looked at glasses and thought they added that extra interesting factor without looking try-hard to an outfit, but nothing popped in my brain. When I was younger I had really bad eyes and sometimes had to wear a big plaster over one eye to strengthen the bad one! Even to school! Behind my normal glasses! As a frizzy ginger kid this did not help my street cred. The only types on offer at specsavers were round, Harry Potter, rainbow glasses. I used to memorise the table of size decreasing letters in the opticians so it would seem I had improved! At about 14 I didn't need them anymore, but then thick framed, square specs became really popular (emo anyone?) and I cursed my better eye.

These big square, clear framed glasses that are frequented in face hunter, hel looks, etc, just remind me of my two grandmas, and how my BIGGEST regrets are that I wasn't old enough to realise their wardrobe raiding potentials before they moved houses and chucked everything away.  Fashion is for the curious people, and I began to enquire about glasses when charity shopping. But they send them off to Africa! So ebay I looked and found many a pair...

1, 2, 3.

I decided on a purple pair from a seller called silvermalc who has lots of pairs, and he let me buy them now for £4. I can hopefully hide my dark circles from summer insomnia and the brown and silver ones just remind me of old pervs (sorry Giles Deacon)

My only worry is seeing a distant friend, like a person from school, who will think I am mental in Deidre Barlow specs!!

photos: face hunter, neet, hel looks

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