i did change the leggings

a girl's first cocktail

I'm not talking about the drinks (although a few strawberry daiquiris should be sent my way later at the party!) I'm talking about a cocktail dress. I only ever shop on ebay America as it's so much better than all the Laura Ashley dresses you can only find on the UK site (Katie-Lilga so knows it too!) I like searching for untouched markets, as trends like lamé puffball dresses and sun dresses come and go, and major sellers like the Olive Shoppe and Mama Stone Vintage make loads.

Do you know when you sometimes bid on things half-heartedly, so if you win it's good but if you get outbid it's no big deal? I found a cream beaded cocktail dress that had some poor quality, tiny pictures so you could only really make out the shape, which I placed a bid a few weeks ago and won against no one for $9.99, so it was about £11 including postage in the end. I was a bit wary it hadn't arrived yet, but today it turned up and is absolutely stunning.  From the eye hooks and metal zips it's obviously very, very old but quite sturdy. The strange shape at the front is really short, but the back is long so it would be fine with flats or heels. I don't exactly have many places to wear it... but I will whenever I can and otherwise give it a good home. It's actually cream, not white like in the pictures, and fits fine. If the auction was better I'm sure it could have sold as an authentic 20's/30's item for hundreds of dollars. Maybe I was due some good ebay karma? Hopefully it will carry on to the party tonight!

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