last resort


Chance to breeeeeeathe!

Spare time is sparse but blogs come first and I have to update a little before I go out. We go out EVERY NIGHT. I'm grabbing at fashion week, adoring some sublime creations; seriously this season is some pure eye candy. Argh I even talk like Manchester people now! Uni is simply a big crazy mess. My course is giving me doubts as it's 60% textile science, which is truly boring and not what it said in the course description/interviews/open day. Everyone is bored to death. Today I had 6 hour of lectures and so had to sit in stuffy lecture theatres with my knees cramped up causing jean tightness even more. Maybe one day I'll sneak in a camera because it's seriously like the really tall rooms full of tiers of benches like in american movies (maybe not so much of a shock but still cool!) My accommodation remains the party central, today I heard rumours of a huge party where people pulled up toilets. Somebody smashed our hall phones and everything gets stolen from the kitchen. Rolling in at 2am and going to 9am lectures really isn't great, especially today as I wore my TIGHTEST jeans (as mentioned in a previous post) and sitting down taking notes for hours made this happen...

Also we had asbestos checks in our rooms today, which totally shows how old and possibly dangerous my halls are, and I kind of forgot and had to rush down for breakfast, so some random people must have checked my room during the day looking like this...

My Nan will be ashamed. It's just so hard to be tidy in such a small space with no surfaces! Ok, there is no excuse, I should tidy, but I have no time. The work has started and Pro Plus is my best friend right now. We might be going to a foam party tonight but I've already seen loads of girls in weeny shorts and bikini tops under white tshirts so it's not thaaat appealing. On Saturday I'm going home for the weekend for my Mom's birthday so I'm totally stealing everything out the fridge and shampoo and soap and stuff, it's like going to a hotel! It's really expensive here, I spend about £120 a week and I have no idea what on, it just goes. I've literally fallen back into myself as the people in my halls are fab and the leather tights and comic strip dress have all come out of hiding! But tonight is strictly black for the wet foam... eek!

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