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grow up

You know those days when you get up and want to have a huge tidy and clear out? Well that wasn't exactly the case in my vodka jelly hazed awakening (don't do it people!!) but for ages I've been anticipating a wardrobe overhaul- the day I will actually tire of girly prom dresses. It has so arrived. I woke up and looked at my crazy number bubble dress and thought 'whhhy?!' I only wore it because the 'bop' night in our hall club was nu rave theme and somehow I didn't take it off before going to sleep (yeah alot of jelly was involved!) But right now in the fashion sphere and my world, cutesy stuff will not cut it, and I'm just frustrated that nothing fits together!

With just strapless prom dresses to chose from every night out, it's like my style can't evolve. The indie cindy clubs I went to before were fine for mini vintage dresses but now there's a much bigger variety and I really don't want to wear a dress covered in numbers! Style overhaul! Times are changing! The first drastic step was taking apart the comic strip dress. The end of an era, maybe, but there are only so many times you can wear a dress so memorable and the loud pattern wasn't so flattering. Never fear, the material can be sewn on again! Knowing here, a super hero themed night will probably be round the corner. The best thing is that it brings back the red dress that was under the material- the dress that I cut hideously short to go with the comic-ness. With opaque black tights and super high platforms this is much more classy than a Mr Inferno strip. A disney princess fabric dress would be pretty cool though...

Sounds strange, but in a 'mutton dressed as lamb' way, someone who's 18 but dressing in clothes fit for children's bed spreads, is not so ironic, just kind of childish. When I was 17 I still felt like a teenager and just wore fun, funky stuff, but now I'm 18 I'm craving for classy looks with twists and subtle quirks, rather than screaming quirks. This is just a minor thought though, and in a week I'll probably be painstakingly sewing back on the comic strip! Lily Allen and Agyness Deyn (argh can't stand her now!) work their childlike dresses and Emily at yonctopus has a super cute dress from vintage fabric. Who am I kidding, I can't be classy with vodka jelly?! My inner child needs to break free. Maybe this will take some time... can't concentrate on that now though- I really have to finish the essay from hell and we're going to a sailor themed night argh!!

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