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Noooooo!! Why do you taunt me Topshop, why?!?! I've been stalking this skirt for months. Christopher Kane much? As luck doesn't have it, the cheapo high street chain Peacocks have a practically identical version, but has it appeared in the store yet? It's been 3 months since it was advertised! Argh!!

Every size has sold out of the Topshop website since this morning it seems, and I just rang every TS in Manchester where they flew off the shelves as well! Was I not quick enough? I think I'll have to stretch my website checking to early morning deliveries too because it seems this skirt will put up a fight! Bring it on!

In my course we've been doing loads about operations management, and I can kind of understand how demand cannot be predicted. BUT hopefully in the future there can be some sort of guarantee whether a store will have your size/colour in ever again and how long it might take. Often when asking sales assistants they have to say 'We just get in what we receive in our deliveries.' This may be the case, but it's 2007, couldn't there be better communication here?! I'd rather a 'We're shipping over more sizes, expect 2 weeks and then only an amazing amount of size 16s left over' rather than '0- out of stock.' It always seems the case that you abandon your love or buy a different item, then it floods back into the store. Or the worst, like this, is when you see something across magazines, yet it's no where to be found!

Also, a 'Pu' skirt?? At first I thought it could be a blatant Gareth Pugh reference but googling proved it's just a type of material by bringing up this picture. Eeeeeek!

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