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the wardrobe game

My room is constantly a TIP! This could be due to a lack of space as my old room was the basement so there was masses of it, or maybe because my grandma isn't nagging me every day to tidy up.

My wardrobe unit has a sliding door so when the wardrobe is open, the shelves and draws are covered, and vise-versa. When putting together an outfit of dress, cardigan, tights, shoes accessories, scarf, gloves, etc, etc it makes it even harder that the wardrobe sliding door thing is broken, so I have to keep dragging it open and forcing it shut every second while grabbing items. For a few hours when it wouldn't even open I was very fearful I'd never be able to get to my clothes!! But I jammed it open and now everything has to crush onto some rails and squish onto the shelves. When I come to getting dressed I have to construct an outfit from the mental wardrobe in my head, which usually consists of whatever I've worn in previous days. Rather than having basic items I've got an odd assortment so I can't keep track of anything and end up forgetting hidden gems.

Then a flash back to Clueless hit me; when Cher uses a machine to match her outfits and scan her wardrobe. Genius! My laptop now has every item I own all sectioned into style and type. No digging round, knocking over piles in a rush for me anymore! Sadly this is a very anal type of  creativity, which I might abandon in a week. Really it's alot more fun to delve around and choose, but it's basically so I can see what I actually own, much like how I look back at my style diary or posts and remember outfits I wore. Then I can consider and decide on an outfit and go hunt for it! Until I have a lavishly long wardrobe and pretty stands for all my stuff, this is the only way to get the best out of the things I've got! Much like people who have photographs of shoes stuck on the corresponding boxes. I can't decide whether this is a good idea or a bad idea or whether it will actually work...

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