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There may some illegal you tubing involved when watching all the shiny new shows around at the moment but I figure that if I lived in America I could watch Gossip Girl on cwtv.com and it will probably pop up on e4 in a few months anyway. How could I not watch it, being a huge fan of the books and seeing so many spoilers on other blogs anyway!

I can't compare the show to the books though, as Vanessa doesn't have a shaved head and Dan isn't a poetic emo boy and Serena isn't a dazzlingly fashionable it girl. Infact those characters are so dull I fast forward the scenes most of the time. The real stars of the show are Blair and Chuck who literally ooze so much style and naughtiness that they've totally overshadowed the original main characters, Serena and the extremely dull Nate and Jenny. Also I really don't care about the annoying adults and their problems! It all about Blair's headbands and Chuck's hotness.

It gives a whole new meaning to preppy, good girl when Blair teams hair bows, blouses and knee high socks with her mini tartan school uniform which is way better than the brown jumper and cream shirt that I had to wear! Ebay always has a huge number of vintage pinafores and now I'm hankering for a tartan one to wear with stockings and a puff sleeve shirt. Finally someone with curly hair! In the books Jenny has a mass of brown frizzy curls but sadly in the show she's just a mini Serena. We don't want perfection. It's the fact that Blair could look like a plain jane but the glossy hair and fab outfits, that could be put together by anyone with a little effort, and some ribbon is really what makes the show popular.

The books are still under rated for the detailed, absorbing and creative blast of NYC they deliver but the show has hit Blair and Chuck perfectly, though he's originally way more camp. Just like in writing, their characters actually have some depth. If only all characters were as hot!

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