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To think that this time last year I was planning a first time trip to Manchester for NYE, got there and decided I hated it, and now live there term time! Since starting this blog I feel about 100 years older and possibly a little bit wiser, at least style wise! In 2006 I was just getting to grips with runways and charity shops and eBay. At any rate, thinking back over the year is categorised by outfits. I'm sure I'm not the only one who can remember the significance of every outfit worn to every event? This could end up as a 'tagging' thing because I'd like to know what other bloggers ended up with:

What was your item of the 2007?

Mine was the leather/pvc/shiny leggings I got in February in Mango when I discovered all these fabulous trends and just wanted to try them all. If black tights go with everything, then so do these. I find most things that are slightly off the norm, especially hoisery, get comments and stares that are usually negative and moking but these leggings can throw no faults. They make legs look skinnier because of the shine and add something super sexy to everyoutfit. True, I did get many bondage comments when I first paraded around college in them but now people tend to just admire the material and applaude some bravery. PVC-ish fabrics tend to scare people off but this item of 2007 has gained it's title from being the most wearable item in my wardrobe. I think I've worn them at least once a week for the whole year!
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