the fridge: part two
estate agent ebaying

colour fade fridge: part three

The kitchen saga continues. Over the weekend someone rubbed it off to write about mouldy tea towels and now there is this note

Turns out the notes are from two guys who don't even live on our corridor, they just got chucked out their own accommodation and have moved in with their girlfriends on our floor! This means now there are a few naked boys roaming around in the bathroom and every so often a massive load of mouldy cutlery will emerge after a possible room clean out. Maybe I should make a blog called Scummy Student Photos because this morning we spotted a pineapple in the courtyard!? You know the rules, the more trampy the accomodation, the more partying! I throughly advise any uni applicants to apply for the biggest, fullest halls. Unless you like sleep.

Also I finally hemmed my dress and now seriously need a purple cardigan! I settled for purple socks that are actually more pink than shown.

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