an ode to revision: day one
day two: spring fling

slurple the purple

Slurple is a great word! In times of tragic revision, words are all I have. I know I said I may not be able to post as much, but when my laptop is right there calling me it would be rude to refuse and I'll probably end up writing about fringing in the exam.

Last night everyone else watched Pulp Fiction while I mused colour bleeding/tie-dye/ombre/fading. I was trying to decide which Luella dress to copy in the showdown when I remembered I'd bought a purple dye a while ago for another dress. I held off dying though because it said I had to simmer the dress and never had a pan I wouldn't mind using, until now!

Like most DIY, I assume it's hideously complicated and go down the hard road, then end up with something botched and battered that I never wear. I decided to go the easy route this time and grabbed my teeny pan and some revision and headed for the kitchen. Have you met our kitchen? It's very old and skanky and we have these little microwave type cookers to share with 20 girls! I stuck on the sad truth about turkeys leaflet that Peta sent me; I don't know who shifted the word magnets!

I followed the instructions and added the salt and dye, then dunked half the dress and let the rest hang over the pan for 15 minutes, after cutting off some excess material from the skirt. A few people came in and wondered why the hell I was cooking a dress! I was worried it could turn out a bit uneven too but just went with it as the dress was cheap. The dye was purple so I thought dying the red would turn out blue but it's definitely purple, with white dots. As it was drying it turned a strange sludge colour but I woke up to find fabulous results, a bit like a sunset! Who knew it was this easy? I still need to hem it so it's super short and might put some net underneath too, but right now I'm hunting for other things I can dye... tights? shoes? gloves? Oooo endless possibilities!

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