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end of an era


So the U-neck dress. It's hard to wear with underwear and it's hard to wear with tights. And I'm posting a photo of myself breathing out to be realistic about what I will look like in normal life and not when preening in the mirror with shoulders back and tummy in. Plz do not judge!

I will most likely wear it like this with the skirt I've been wearing a little to death on nights out while waiting for a few eBay dresses. I forgot to add above, I'm wearing the tights that are now my favourite and will feature everywhere to let people stare away as this blog certainly appreciates them enough! I'm starting to think it's not just what I wear but I myself must look freaky because yesterday while walking from a lecture some random chav shouted 'Yo red hair and white tights!' out the window of a pathetic pimped out car driving past, which startled me even more than the earthquake last night! How embarrassing when half your lecture is walking to the bus stop as well. Funnily enough I do realise I have red hair and white tights.

If I wasn't on another shopping ban (which will be successful this time!!) I would buy some more colours, but the time for that will have to wait for a few weeks. Contrary to someone commenting the Blythe card photo that I 'live like a pig' (how rude!!), on Monday I was actually cleaning out my wardrobe, thus everything was on my desk/dressing table. I've discovered a load of things I forgot I had and am selling the rest on eBay/giving to charity so I'll show them here if anything is decent enough to want, and frankly the only stuff I'll part with is pretty rough!

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