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the fridge is back: vengeance of the cleaners

A few of you have asked what happened after the food stealing saga on the fridge white board. Well that all seemed to die down after everyone started hiding food in plastic bags or discovered that if you hang food out your window it stays perfectly chilled.

There has been a new twist in the tale though because our meanie cleaners have thrown away all, yes ALL, of our crockery and cutlery. They have this silly rule that if things still need to be washed up after 36 hours they just chuck it away. Last week my friends discovered a bin bag full of our stuff and snuck it back up but this week we weren't so lucky. I may have to eat with pens and rulers.

In other news, to swing this round to fashion again, I am pouring through some IT work on a ridiculous make-believe spread sheet by entering 'telephone numbers of some friends.' Infact I'm popping over to Marc's right now, toodles!

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