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Phew sorry for the random absence! I'm home, yay! Walking through Birmingham is like a breath of fresh air, I can't wait to get back to my old haunts (and to share it all with you of course!). I've been itching to do all the things I've missed, the highest on the list being to charity shop.

I'm lucky enough to live just off quite a trampy high street which is jam packed with charity shops! Not to mention super chavs, prams and crazy people. When everyone has their own prerogative and style, it's so much easier to be yourself! In college I used to visit at least three high streets every week and I tried to find a few in Manchester but with no avail (can anyone help?). I plan on visiting every single good high street in Brum this Easter but after only two today I was so loaded with shopping bags I took up two seats on the bus! So not a good look when it's packed full of school kids. I was mainly shopping for eBay as you may or may not know that I had a little shop for a few years and sold a heap of things. But now vintage stores have reached such high quality (and bidding) that it's even harder to compete! It's a little different on UK eBay though and if any of you would be interested I could give a few tips that I've learned?

For myself I found some booties that in no way satisfy my skater fantasy though they do have cute turnovers and were £4. Also I picked up a little minty night jacket that I want to use when playing around with pastels. It was £1.

The rest of the stuff I found is going straight to eBay. My sister always oohs and aahs over the stuff and begs to keep it but I try to separate my thoughts and imagine all the stuff I could buy with the money I could make rather than keeping the items. It's hard though! Here's a little peek, tomorrow I will list the auctions. My favourite is the minty floor length dress that I originally thought had weird loops of fabric at the hips, then when my sister put it on we realised you pulled them up and secured them at the back to create angel sleeves.

p.s. what do you search for when you want vintage dresses... prom, party, sequin, 50's, 80's, hippy, floral, lily allen? I never know what to put in the search title.

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