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it's going to be a '60s summer

Contrary to Manchester, in Birmingham I feel like I dress quite averagely and make an effort to step up my game. I know the clubs where everyone dresses fashionably or vintage so it's a bit harder to stand out. It struck me that the majority of people dress in '80s vintage. Prom dresses and bright leather shoes and bags with chunky gold jewellery. I think it's the coolest thing when you see someone dressed totally in a time period and it made me wonder why no one dresses in '60s stuff? Brash prints may be all over the high street but I'm talking about a-line mini dresses in patent, block colours, chunky platforms and, my favourite, white tights or socks. Has this time been forgotten by hipsters?

This also ties in with my search for a summer theme. I didn't used to do this consciously, I just used to always take a direction in the summer because it's so hard to follow fashion. It's way too early to break out the F/W shows and too hot to bother with loads of layers. It seems the easy route is boho *eeek* or light summer dresses. Well this summer I'm going mod, I've decided. I do like to make bold statements around here but once I put a thought into my head I usually stick to it, and it's nice to have a shopping direction rather than buying anything you happen to like.

So I'll be browsing round the yellow vintage warehouse and the likes of American Graffitti in Manchester for mini dresses and block heel strap shoes, avoiding all the '80s floral polyester and lamé frocks. My hair is fairly clashing with primary colours so I'll be looking or white, cream, green, navy, purple, light blue and possibly some red if I can get away with it. A bright plastic mac would be amazing too, I've been considering the H&M ones.

I've spent the past hour scouring eBay, which has no end of real '60s stuff. I'm going to shop around first before I hit eBay because you could buy just about any dress as they're quite similar. I'm looking for something to grab me.

Mary Quant yellow body stocking, Red heart button dress, Mary Quant flower and signature tights, Black and white leather dress, Colour block tent dress, Yellow scooter dress, White Clarks mary janes

It's pretty easy to follow with hair, make up and accessories because jewellery isn't needed and a few headbands with a side parted fringe would have your hair set. I tried Twiggy eyeliner a while ago when we dressed as bumble bees for a bop and it's actually pretty easy. The only bad thing is that eyeliner comes off throughout the night, can anyone recommend a liquid eyeliner with good staying power?

The ultimate item needed: a suit! I added vintage skirt suit to my daily eBay searches ages ago but haven't found anything yet. Fingers crossed something will come up soon! Christian Dior's FW08/09 collection shows that you can could bring the '60s into autumn with gloves and little fur shawls. The hunt is on, 1960 here I come!   

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