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Luella di da

Did you know Luella Bartley is releasing a collection of hair accessories, namely hair bows? Neither did I! The confectionery inspired set of bows and ribbon clips will come in raspberry, yellow, bottle green, navy and orange, with a Luella heart in the centre. And there will be more collections to come!

Sadly the bands are £49 and the bows are £45. I'm quite fast with my hair accessories and would possibly move onto another hair hit within a week, or maybe I'd wear one everyday for a year. I can't decide, but when the time comes in July they're being sold in the London store and the Harvey Nichols concession. I'm hankering for raspberry and bottle green!

Also her beach/surf wear collection for O'Neill has been released and is pretty cute if you're into that sort of thing. I like the peace signs turned into hearts, and the shortie dungarees are attracting me in a worrying way!

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