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I loved Rodarte, you love Rodarte, we all love Rodarte, the FW08/09 collection was sublime. It's awe-inspiring how you can translate Japanese horror flicks onto wispy dresses and hacked up tights. But the shoes, oh the shoes, are the ultimate lust. I don't want to sound moony but the collection was so divine, I have to get my shabby paws on it or in the least, recreate something inspired. My slap-dash attempt could be an insult but I've been staring at my heels for weeks pondering studs. Big, giant, pointy studs.

I've been scouring eBay and Etsy but to no avail and planned to hit the goth/emo Oasis Market in Birmingham but it struck me that Affleck's Palace in the Northern Quarter had it's fair share of studded belts and bead shops. So today I trekked down there, making my best attempt to avoid the still drunk and rowdy Rangers supporters (I think they thought my hair shared their Scottish roots!). I went into an arcade with a few small shops where I'd got a hair bow before in a bead shop. The guy showed me some silver studs that just weren't big enough and I was ideally after some coloured ones. I asked him if I should check out Affleck's Palace and he said "...this is Affleck's Palace?" Oops, silly me for not realising there are a thousand entrances to it! He recommended the fabric store to I went there but they only had flat studs. So I walked back and went into another AP entrance, straight into an emo corner complete with a hair bow wall that rivals even my collection! I tore myself away though and they had silver cone studs in different sizes and some knobbly ones and flat ones. They were 50p each and I had £6 on me so I got 12 of the largest cone ones, which came with screws.

You may have noticed that I've worn these Miss Selfridge heels a hell of a lot because they've got a high, chunky heel and low straps. I was a bit dubious about putting holes in them but popped into the store today and saw a whole shelf of pairs, so if I ruined them and still wanted them, I could get another. Also after many dirty clubs, they're a bit worn anyway.

I used some pins to put holes in the suede but none of them made an impact and I didn't want to make them too big as the studs might have just fallen out once screwed together as the diameters were the same. Luckily I've got a few Architecture friends who have great supplies of Uhu glue (pronounced yoo hoo!) which is a strong enough adhesive to just stick the studs and move them around while still sticky.

Easy! The shoes are great, I'll pop back and get some little flat studs to put round the bottom and maybe some flat ones for the remaining straps too! If I see any cheap mary janes anywhere I'll nab them if I can, as a white pair with white studs would be too cool. I doubt they'd stick if someone stepped on your foot and I have a feeling some bouncers might not take to them but they feel fierce but angelic all at the same time, fab!

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