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People always compare how long it takes them to get ready and it seems it's a male against female argument sometimes. We often plan a time to pre-drink but the guys have to wait least half an hour while we change shoes and pack bags. I enjoy getting ready to go out almost as much as actually going because of the possibilities! I'm trying to decide on what to a wear tonight and thinking about makeup. I love these pictures of Lily Cole yet don't know where they came from so if anyone can shed any light it would be appreciated! It takes me about half an hour to do full makeup, leaving time for any mishaps or mascara-brush-in-the-eye moments! I set my camera to take photos every half a minute last night and did set the post to publish at ten but it didn't work... my drunken mistake?! I can kind of see the difference with dark circles/skin tone at the end so I'm glad it's worth bothering! It also produced some down right funny photos. You can kind of see my new sailor-ish dress too.

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