not so dazed and confused

bright spark

I was shopping round sales today while waiting to meet my Mom and in H&M I spotted this AMAZINGLY dressed lady! Contrary to everyone else in the Bullring in jeans and tees, she stood out like a star in a bright yellow smock coat with giant buttons and the most beautiful bag, it's not done justice here but it was vivid metallic blue and a sort of snakeskin texture. With blue patent flats and slim, slightly cropped trousers, the outfit just eased coolness with personal quirks. That blue with the yellow, lovely! Also check the effortlessly striking hair and those glasses. I haven't even seen hipsters or people on Facehunter pull them off so easily with the perfect outfit in toe! What a breathe of fresh air!

I wouldn't normally compliment people I don't know but I was in Kurt Geiger and the sales assistants said they loved my outfit and that I looked like a little doll. I'm not sure how many people would find that complimentary but I did! So it's almost like passing on the lucky penny, when I saw this lady (her name's Val!) shopping with her daughter I couldn't resist letting someone know how very fab they look. Then without thinking I asked to take her photo and gave her this address, she's very modest too! In the future I vow to do this more often, especially to people who are as awesome as Val.

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