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I don't usually browse Etsy as there's so much stuff on there and I don't wear a lot of accessories at all. Sometimes I check out the handmade and vintage clothes though and I'm so glad I came across the shop I'm Your Present! It sells a collection of handmade items designed and modelled by the owner, 23 year old Kelly. Her stuff is just as cute as her, all pieces overflowing with details like bows, pearls and ruffles. I love the rompers with the puffed shorts and especially want some of her leggings with big bows at the ankles!

There's also accessories and sometimes tees with kittens! The strength of the designs come from the little quirks that you wouldn't find in other places, like the dress with bunny teddies on the skirt or the sailor top and shorts. This isn't just cutesy stuff, you can see that each design has been thoughtfully constructed and developed.

The cuteness may not be for everyone but like Kelly, paired with lots of eyeliner and maybe some docs or matte lamé leggings, they'd be fierce. I've of course picked the most girly items as my favourites but they vary all the time.

Right now she's in the Fred Flare Next Big Thing 2008 competition and seems definitely worth a vote! She's been busy making playsuits for Fred Flare so can't do custom orders just yet, but like me it will be a matter of checking out the new items listed all the time! A possible birthday outfit I think...

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