london baby!
cherry picking in london

it's ma birthday, i can cry if i want to!

Don't worry, I'm not crying! The major event in my birthday was going to the post office! Haha no, I went out with my Dad and I'm going to party with my friends tomorrow, although I don't know what to wear! I got some lovely presents and today I chose to wear some very ugly trousers. They aren't exactly an ugly pattern, just the shape could definitely be called ugly; I love them though! I got them in a charity shop yesterday after seeing an old lady pick them up and noticing the small waist. I think they're hand made? They were only £1 and previously I hadn't looked at trousers because it's so hard to find a fitting pair amongst a sea of charity shop hundreds but these are perfect!

I'm very much into ugly trousers now because they feel great for some reason? It's nice to be covered up for once and not think about tights or Marilyn Monroe moments! Also they're great with corsets and heels for day time. I'm a bit concerned by how very unflattering they are, which is undeniable really but maybe just take getting used to? I remember the first drainpipes I wore and I thought god, they're so fitted, my legs look like carrots! But low and behold, soon everyone owns a pair and they are deemed skinny jeans!

The cameras was placed right in the middle of me so they aren't actually this wide but they don't do hips any favours. A firm wardrobe future hit I predict though, it's not always about looking super flattering I guess? And things don't always need to be so obvious, sort of like saying 'who knows, I could have nice legs underneath here or not, I'll leave that to your imagination!' to onlookers or fellow students!

By the way I accomplished victory rolls here! Maybe a bit too much hairspray had to be involved though...

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