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rodarte vs spiders

It's a bit weird with timed posts as I can't see if anyones already posted about this! You might have flicked through i-D and seen the ah-mazing editorial with Jourdan Dunn and noticed the Rodarte tights they used above, which are probably an insane price and highly unattainable, and then the cheapie, semi-kinky body stocking they used below that from afar have a similar budget effect. Look closer and they are noted as the Music Legs Spiderweb Body Stocking from Love Honey- for sexy and secure adult shopping. Not usually the site I browse but at £9.99 with free delivery these are a steal! Up close on the website they do really look like spiders but with a little ripping they are a close resemblance to something a bit warped and tattered looking.

Also it's a body stocking. Do any of you own a body stocking? I wonder if they feel constricted or cosy or super sexy? It could allow you to wear a short sleeveless dress with a lower neckline in the day time as effectively you are covered up. Or would it seem like you had a matching top and tights? I think I might invest in the H&M lace leggings are seen on Miss Woo of Cheapskate Chic (or super chic in my opinion!) first as tights are the best way to dabble in trends, I can see lace and tartan hurting my eyes soon!

Pictures from foto_decadent scanned from i-D.

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