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hail the mail!

It's a very good time for post right now as this morning I received a package that could even rival all that Monki love. Remember I wrote about the Etsy store, I'm Your Present a few months ago? Well I had to bide my time as Kelly was rushed off her feet with the Fred Flare competition which she won! Super congratulations!! This makes me extra happy that I randomly decided to go on Etsy one day and found she had just listed the perfect blue playsuit. It's possibly the best package I've ever received as it was wrapped in tissue paper with an Ariel sticker, of course my favourite Disney princess! There was also a surprise of bow hair slides, little pearl earrings and even a balloon, with a lovely card that I'll have to stick on my wall!

I couldn't wait to try it on, post-travel ironing will have to wait! The playsuits Kelly makes are very much trophy worthy, I love the elastic, puffed shorts and subtle heart shaped neckline. Mine is edged all the way round with mini pearls and a lace frill, with a bow at the centre. It's perfectly made and extremely durable, I would say it's better quality than anything you could go out and buy in a shop because of the care and attention it has had. It definitely makes you wonder why you popped into H&M/Primark/etc all those times and threw away some money on a random purchase, I can think of a thousand regrets that could have been a cute playsuit. I can't wait to wear this out, although I hope Katy Perry hasn't tainted playsuits forever! Whenever I've bought something new I love, I always fret about drinks getting spilled on it in clubs too, but I've worn white dresses out before and they've always been fine, just paranoia!

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