the post i didn't want to make

happy haunting

Sorry to those scared by the last post, I didn't think it would be convincing!! I had a really bitter sweet Halloween weekend, which started immensely and kind of went straaaight down hill!

On Friday a few of my house mates went home so the three of us left, plus a boyfriend and a lecture friend, made vodka jelly and partied it up! I had been plotting all week after watching a ThreadBanger video on YouTube that mentioned a video from Petrilude who did a tutorial on a MAC face chart for zipper eyes, with realzippers. So on Friday I excused myself to go do my makeup while my friends were busy ripping Primark shirts and then emerged with a seriously freaky face! I got the zips from the fabric store in the Northern Quarter and the tutorial is amazingly descriptive, it only took about 20 minutes for the whole look. EDIT: somehow the video has been removed? I'm sure it will be back soon, keep checking his blog! Like I said, I didn't especially have a costume so just wore a sailor dress again, job done! If you are shy of attention, I would never recommend this look as throughout the whole night an imaginable around of people were staring and pointing and asking questions, walking around the club was just a parade of stares! I made a video while doing my makeup which I'll have to put up when I get onto my laptop, but I used special skin adhesive (£3 from Affleck's Palace) and eyelash glue to stick on the zips, and it HURT peeling them off. I had to remove my cheeks! It was like pulling off plasters and left a trail of dried glue, ouch. Down the sides of the open zip are fake lashes cut in half , and a full one just under the other bottom lash line of the closed zip eye. I used a cherry red Barry M dazzle dust and some old H&M black eye shadow. That was basically it!

The days started going down when there was an unimaginable queue for the first club, then we walked to another with the same thing, so ended up in a non-studenty bar with extortionate drinks! Lesson learnt- even in reading week people will stay for Halloween. Here are a few snaps of my friend Sophia shaving her tights to ladder them (genius!), us and my friend Katie and lecture friend Gayle with our pumpkin called Pump Diddy, our jelly, the bus, Katie's boyfriend Pete who discovered a new love of dressing up (haha), and just me. I scared a LOT of people and grossed out loads too, FYI this is not a pulling look!


So we got in pretty late and I had work the next day at 8am, hence removing all traces of zips and glue was vital! I'm OK with not much sleep and got through the day fine, I think it was the train 20 minutes after my 9 hour shift finished that made me extra tired, then getting off and rushing to my home in Birmingham, doing the zip thing all over again and rushing across the city to my friend's house to go out AGAIN. Having only had lunch during the whole day, any drink went STRAIGHT to my head and that was it, out of the club before it was even midnight!?!?! My friends told me it was 3am and the club was shutting and I woke up on Sunday morning wondering how the hell I had got home. I'll spare the details! I'm totally annoyed that I missed a night I was really looking forward to and had made all that effort and missed out on seeing loads of people! Argh! That's just it though, there was no way that I could have gone out again after working so much and having few hours sleep and sitting on a train for nearly two hours. I guess things happen for a reason but I wish I could turn back the clock, no zips again until next Halloween! Boo! Oh well, I'll get over it, but I wish there was some kind of calculator that would factor in everything to tell you that after one drink you would be falling over in a club! Video will come soon! (of the make up, not my sorry state!)

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