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There's no doubt we're well on the way to SS09 and, seems as it will last up to August, we've got a lot of time to invest! But what about everything bought this season? Most people seem to dance to the beat of their own drum (as they say!) and maintain trends aren't important. I think there is a difference between trends and fashion trends, for instance wet look leggings have had a sudden boom and I'm seeing them out all the time, but in 2007 they were no where to be seen, despite being first on the runways. I don't mind confessing that I love checking out what's common across the runways and forecasting trends. To some extent this is to follow what's 'in' but it's mainly the interest in what's happening in fashion and to sample new looks. There might be only a few fashion trends that developinto street trends, depending on what the high street jumps for. I wouldn't choose H&M as a desert island shop but somehow I buy a LOT from there. They've got some great floor length stuff in at the mo but the length looks a but strange with coats so they will have to wait for a few months, damn! Otherwise I've somehow acquired a lace skirt, lace leggings, a lace top andan array of lacy tights. By now it's not so fresh and I know come February I'll be looking elsewhere so the best thing seemed to be to get the most wear out all of it at the same time! Haha how wrinkly are the leggings though! Lace is quite versatile anyway though, like the skirt and top could just be a dress together, but at least hopefully by January I won't shoot myself for being a trend whore!

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