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Oh my gosh I have lost the will to live, let alone revise! No I lost the will on Thursday and had a disastrous exam on Friday morning, scary! The only one I think I did even half OK in was on Thursday when I wore my new Brian Lichtenberg shirt from Blood is the New Black, covered in Balenciaga shoes. Distracting or what! Even so, I can now assume it is lucky, a great quality in clothes for someone who worries lots. Of course wearing the tshirt print is only a millionth of the luxury of actually wearing a pair, but it does feel super fabulous. The shirtis thin, soft cotton too, the ones that feel the best! This is the only tee I own I think and wanting to show the whole print, I had to pair it with my Ann-Sofie Back x Oli skirt and the leopard print tights I didn't think I wanted to wear with my purple coat, but hey, I do! I need to get a good photo to show how there is loads of material in the coat, especially the back, people walk into it a lot!

FYI I got a women's small and shipping was SUPER fast. Also I wore the AA long sleeved dress on Saturday when I went to my gbf's birthday (at subculture for Birmz peeps- I went on stage, fun times!) and it kept falling off my shoulders!! I don't know if that means it's too small or too big but the shorter sleeved one doesn't do this half as much. Now I must tidy my room encase we have another impromptu house viewing from potential renters for next year. People seem very judgemental that there is a lot of clothes around... my wardrobe is small!

Also I have answered some questions for Megan at the marvy blog Charade, dedicated to fashionable student living! Do check it out if you are indeed fabulous but sadly have a student budget! Even if you're not a student, it has some fab post topics and tips. P.S. As a sorry for talking about exams so much, check out this Teen Vogue video of their Ed Westwick cover (!!!!!!) for March 09. Seriously I need a Team Chuck shirt. I would wear it with pride.

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