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floral frenzy

I used to trawl through ebay, sometimes just typing in 'vintage dress' to get a huge variety. But I tempt myself with 'just one more page' encase the dream item is a click away and end up searching forever! So it's been a while since I've bought anything, especially so as I only ever seem to buy vintage from America. I happened to chance upon this floral jumpsuit last week and have stalked it every since. God knows when/how/where I'll wear it but nothing is more appealing than a bright all-in-one right now. I think I have been inspired by Book of Miri as she is great trouser inspiration. If you haven't before, you must check out that fabulous blog! I'm picking up a package at the post office tomorrow, not 100% sure what it is, but I'll definitely be looking out for this jumpsuit, I hope it comes fast! Check out Kingston Avenue Vintage too, one of the few shops left where prices don't sky rocket! I do feel a bit mean putting in last second bids but it's the only way to win. Not that too many others were bidding on this!

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