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Susie Bubble kindly showed us some high street lookbook highlights, making me very excited for the coming few months, thanks Susie! River Island is high on my list to watch as they're dresses are usually around the £40 mark, which seems even smaller when they pass on the lowered interest rates and the prices go all funny. Today the Observer Woman showed some of H&Ms new threads and you can see the rest on Nitroliciousas always! They make me really want a light coloured blazer, but those colours aren't usually great on me so it' s a bit of a conundrum. But do my eyes deceive meor are those Miu Miu-esque biker shorts in the 4th pic, but in shiny pink, gold and black? Can't wait to get a look at those! The pink skirt below is already in stores here and it's lovely, I might have to go back! I'm waiting for my loan to come in though, and already have a few packages on the way, I haven't had a package in ages!


I do like the rolled up trousers here too, will definitely try that with the green H&M pair in the post below. But trousers under a dress? I don't think I have any suitable dresses, then again... and wowza, this jumpsuit is amazing!!! It really annoys me that they're are loads of jumpsuits in the sales but I don't like any of them; they're all a bit 80's? Hopefully this zebra beaut may be a sign that they'll get a few in. I do actually have a H&M jumpsuit from a looong time ago but it's olive green and sort of army/military style?


However the main things I'm lusting after are these two bikinis. I was lusting after some high waisted bottoms all summer but never found any, so I'll be making weekly trips to H&M once more.  All this revision is really rubbish though, I can't wait for the day that I won't ever have another exam. But I've discovered the FashionTV channel and just let that play in the background with runway shows back to back. They do some great model profiles too.

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