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it's going to be a 70's spring?

Right around this time last year I proclaimed I would have a 60's summer. Well it turned out to be a 50's summer more than anything, but thisyear is going to be a 70's summer! How fickle! You may or may not know that I'm on an everlasting hunt for the perfect high waisted, bell bottomed, Dazed and Confused (the film), disco-ball diamonds inspired jeans. Well on one of my 'lets go crazy' shopping trips on a Friday, I decided that today was the day that I found some of those jeans. And I did! Kind of. I went round literally every high street shop and to Selfridges and then even to Flannels and Harvey Nics, describing my search to every poor SA in sight. I had a last, half-hearted attempt in French Connection and found an amazing girl who let me try on about ten pairs of high waisted, flared jeans. Thank heavens, they exist! I boughta pair that aren't as high waisted as I'd hope but they actually fit. Well tbh I'll have to be very careful when generally sitting down or making sharp turns but hopefully this is a success! I do however hear of a Flannels outlet in the Northern Quarter which has 18th Amendment jeans? Anyway, not so sure about French Connection as when I got home, I noticed a really small pull in the fabric, which in denim means it would stretch to a snag over time, so I had to take them allll the way back, and now (if you can tell in the photos) a button has fallen off! I didn't really want a sailor style waist but I don't want stuff to fall off without any wears! By the way, if you're wondering if all I ever wear is this cropped shirt, it's not true! Though it must be true that for the past weeks, every time I've gone to take a photo I'm wearing it that day, and I haven't exactly worn it much. Also I just bought some new wedges (!!!) to go with the jeans and my whole general summer vibe in mind, which I'll show you on Thursday. They have huge platforms too so you have to bounce along and most likely topple over once in a while on a raised pavement, but hey I don't mind embarrassment for hot footwear.

Not that they exactly need to be, but I've clipped them in the photo below to show what they might be like if I made them even tighter at the top. There's a scene in D&C where a girl's friend has to zip up her jeans for her before a big forest party, a bit like a Special K advert haha, because everyone wore them so tight- my kind of film! There isno point in legwear imo if it's not tight. Also I don't think I'll wear this tee with them, I'm thinking it's the return of smocks or maybe floral corsets- but I understand there is a VERY fine line between this and a boho throwback, and I don't want to be Sienna Miller!

By the way, the label is still on! And without going into details you might not care about, I've finished a string of all nighter essays and actually have time to blog, thank you God!

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