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Didn't anyone tell you N? Be careful what you wish for

Prepare for the extreme in barbie-ness. Things have reached a whole new level, supported by the fact that I caaan't really type right about now. I got some hideously fabulous pink nails! Here's a photo just to show exactly how much of a nail biter I was before, I've never had long nails for my whole entire life. Once last year I managed to grow a few but that's where it ends, and especially my grandma has always nagged me to stop but it's impossible! Tried everything.

So I've been thinking about trying gel nails for ages and on Thursday just happened to notice that some had managed to grow a teeny bit. Now or never! I went to a little place in Withington and probably showed them the shortest nails they've ever seen but the lady was fantastic and really precise and I chose the hottest pink they had of course! I don't know what I've been missing all these years, having bright nails is awesome! I mean awesome in a totally rich-girl 90210-esque way, which by the way is the funniest programme ever, my friends and I call each other bitchlips non-stop, who writes those lines?! Yeah OK I only watched one episode... but anyway it is super fab to have hot pink around you all the time. I got them cut down really short but I still can't do any zips, makeup, buttons, chopping or hairstyling. My the way I know they are amazingly tacky but that's the attraction!

I'll have to get them off before exams though as there's no way I can scrawl an essay! I've done three presentations this week so only have one to go. It's for market research and my friend and I have spent way too many days going round the food court in the Arndale asking people to do questionnaires; not the funnest thing in the world! I'm on a train right now typing this as I'm going home for a friend's birthday at Subculture (groan). They just rang me asking to bring rave paint, oh god.  Ohhh and I just watched Twilight, like the teen girl that I am soon not to be, and thought it was pretty shoddy like the book BUT Edward fan club here I come! Without a doubt, top of the hottest guy list right now (still Bass love though!).

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