Didn't anyone tell you N? Be careful what you wish for
pink or blue, nothing inbetween!

lash domination

I have an official fake eyelash obsession. It's come to the point where I feels wrong going out without them. I wrote a post hereabout how to put them on and how you can buy reeeally cheap pairs if you get decent glue. But I have to tell all of you that you must buy some Girls Aloud lashes! The concert was amaaazing! We were really high up but I just spent the whole time being like 'omg that's actually Cheryl Cole down there!' DON'T read on if you are going to see them........but the best part was when they were all on this raised platform and then it suddenly started moving across the crowd and traveled right to the other end of the seats on the floor where they got on a mini stage and did a few songs there. Also they sang Womanizer, ohh it was fab! A lot of people just sat all the way through though but we danced even in the support acts. I wore the purple AA u-neck dress which eeer is always a bit eventful! It's the junk in the trunk, some random poster seller believed I was a quarter Jamaican and I got us free posters?! He was Jamaican himself too?

Anyway it was really great, they all sang live and it was so worth it. I bought some Girls Aloud eyelashes as soon as they came out, deciding on Cheryl and Nadine and Nicola's because they flick out at the ends. I've worn Nicola's and Nadine's so far and my friends have worn some of the others and I can totally say that they are REALLY good lashes. They're great quality and don't look as much in the box but these are LONG! Nicola's are really wide and full, I'm definitely stocking up! Eyelashes really make the different with your makeup, they take practice but once you try then you won't go back! My best advice is to actually wait at leeeast 30 seconds for the glue to try, use a hair grip or cotton bud to put on a thing line rather than pile on the glue, and once you place them on your own lashes, leave them to stick for a few seconds before re-adjusting. I use MAC glue and generally buy Poundland lashes. although I wore them to a club called Snobs in easter and saw a guy I met on my birthday and he said 'you're so much prettier than you were before!', I was like 'gee thanks?!' honestly, some boys just don't have a clue!

As you can see the lash collection is getting a liiiittle out of control. And I wasn't going to but here are some fb photos of us on the night, where we took advantage of wearing our tartiest, sparkliest stuff basically! And met a very tall fire eating man.

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