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H&M = Hot much?

I love the H&M lookbooks! I've posted them for the last few seasons and was very excited when the Fall/Winter 09 book was revealed on Nitrolicious. Also SO JEALOUS Wendy got to meet Ed Westwick!! He is looking super fine in the pictures, he is my igoogle page! Annnyway you might have already seen the Divided collection they'll bring out in the Autumn with a few special pieces, some of which are featured in the lookbook pictures, and might have heard that there's a collab with Jimmy Choo! There's something really reliable about H&M. Guaranteed you'll go in and find something you like, it will be affordable and decent quality. And they have a frequent turn over and if you are looking for something, you will almost always find it.

But by now you can pick out the items and imagine them instore, as often the lookbook does make them look a trillion times better. H&M clothes always stand as basics or staple pieces rather than say a full on spangly outfit you might get in Topshop. Here's a few of my favourite looks...


The first dress is the velvet one with the cocoon sleeves in the Autumn Divided collection right? A lot of the outfits in the lookbook were belted with this thick peplum belt and it looks so great with the tight dress and high sleeves. Seems everything is black or beige/nude/cream. I'm liking the skinny trousers and the belts but Ialways go back to skirts in Winter. However, this blouse was in the Oxford Street H&M on Thursday! They only had 12s though but I'll stalk the Birmingham branch in hope of trying it on. It really is something else up close. Is it a crop top in the last picture? Not sure but this Summer's crop tops will be great with that really high waisted skirt and lace tights.

Chunky knits? Hmmm in my mind there's room for coats and cardigans but chunky knits? Still not sure I'm a fan! I love these looks though, especially the trousers tucked inside the boots in both looks. The third picture I just liked the hair! Big hair = love.


I liked this first picture because I have a (faux) fur shawl I found in a charity shop which I think was from Whistles or another high street store and I really like it tucked under a belt inside a coat. This season's lookbook has been less about wanting to imitate whole looks andI'm preferring little elements. Does the last look have socks over jeans? Legwarmers over tights? Not sure but it looks really easy to replicate and looks great topped with a huge scarf wrapped round rather than dangling. I think I've found why I don't accessorize most of the time- I don't like things jangling about and rattling and jiggling off me!

Here are a few items that hopefully will come into store soon if they have already been produced! I've never been a fan of the Rodarte copies that have surfaced but something about the way the H&M go seems so sheer  and light and very long, it looks perfect! Also was really drawn to the sheer but almost metallic looking vest. Looking forward to Autumn already!

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