10 best and worst things about living in sweden (imo)
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Things are getting longer!! Seriously in the past years I think my skirts and dresses have all been mid-thigh length. Apart from maybe a summer maxi dress, I've never purposely dabbed in ankle length or floor length skirts. Mainly because it's hard to get the right length without dragging the hem along the floor. And to stop the dragging you must wear heels. And buying things you can only wear with heels never end up being worn...

I've saved loads of floor length inspiration pictures for a few months and have been stalking high street stores. I wanted a dress because you could easily turn it into a skirt by putting a top over, so it could count as two outfits! I eventually found one on ASOS a few weeks ago and it came yesterday, what a wait. I've been hearing of this UK postal strike and I'm not so happy!! Most shops don't seem to be affected but not everything ships here, so anything my Mom has forwarded recently is going to take a while, what a shame! Still now I can play around with the longer dress, even though I have to dye it grey to black. There's just something effortlessly chic about throwing on a floor length dress. For one, you don't even need tights, so it's a total outfit! Also they look hot even though they cover your whole body. It's a step to buying warmer clothes, as it's about 4 degrees here right now, and so dark all the time! I feel like I live in Twilight.

A long dress also puts more focus on your hair and makeup, so a really bright lipstick or one in an odd colour like lilac or matt black would be really cool. At Christmas I will be hunting around charity shops, always inundated with longer skirts for pennies! And remember the competition is still open below, you know you love tags :)

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