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A picture an hour: Birmingham to Borås

'A picture an hour' posts are among my favourites to see. Maybe it's delving into a more intimate life beyond words or maybe it's just curiosity! One of my all time favourite blogs The Clothes Horse has some fantastic APAH posts, and cult Swedish blog Niotillfem used to do them often too. You know I did an interview for The Clothes Horse not long ago where I planned my dream party! I'd assume you already read Rebecca's marvy blog but if you haven't already, you can read the post here! If you have a blog, why not consider posting about your day too?

8 am


I always get the early flight and end up packing well into the night, this time no exception! But I haven't travelled yet without the hot pink, heart quilted Betsey Johnson bag I got off eBay last year. It's the perfect size and so light (I'm looking at you Luella with your insanely heavy bags!!!).

9 am


Snow boots? Hahaha I've never bought anything practical in my life! I brought over my Docs for snow trudging but they are way too heavy to pack as luggage, I need as much food allowance as possible! So I satisfyingly clomped through the airports. Wearing Docs make you feel like a moody teenager, especially if you wear them with (velvet) leggings like me and end up swinging your legs off chairs. I got these a few summers ago second hand and I've almost, almost worn them in.

10 am


Another teeny plane! I was hoping to get a gorgeous view of England covered in snow but it was so foggy!

11 am


Still so strange to be in the air in a tin can. I'd brought magazine supplies but just snuggled in my layers.

1 pm


I can tell the time! Before you ask, I lost an hour once landing in Copenhagen. The airport is so posh and you have to walk twenty minutes to each terminal. I know because the signs said 'Gate B15 - 20 minute walk', boo! But they have loads of designer stores, it's more like a mall. And the beauty counters had this crazy boom box which I snapped sneakily.

2 pm

These Danish people have some crazy money!

3 pm


My first plane freebie! Well I did nab a pass to the BA business lounge once when I went on a blogging trip to Luxembourg ages ago, but I was still delighted with free water! This shows the standards of the flights I take haha.

4 pm


Gothenburg Airport is great! Gothenburg City airport is a disaster- that's worth remembering if you fly Ryan Air. Thankfully I booked SAS, unthankfully the bus to Borås was a mere three hours away! I wish I'd known that before I dragged my cases into the snow to the stop, oops! I contemplated a luxurious taxi, then remembered I had no Swedish cash.

5 pm


The magazines came in very handy while wasting time. So much time! Although Cheryl makes things better.

6 pm


Ah bet you didn't know I bought this coat! Do you remember it from a very early Sweden post in Gina Tricot? It was marked down in the sale and suddenly really appealed.



On the airport bus finally! I didn't actually take just my Betseyville bag as hand luggage, I got this pink wheelie case in the New Look sale. I don't know how I ever lived without a wheelie case before! In fact today I took it to the supermarket and got so much food! It's a bit of a monsterous pattern and colour, even with a zebra print lining, but in a good way I feel.

8 pm


Eventually back!!! I changed some random Euros at the airport and took a taxi from the town bus station up to my halls in the apparent ghetto. There is so much snow! The driver and I were talking about how England has had a melt down (ha ironic) because of the snow and the driver was like, 'In England don't you even change your tires in Winter?!' Umm no! 

9 pm


This is meant to be ordered although somehow it doesn't look it in this photo! I only bought a few new pairs of false lashes at home but brought over more accessories.

10 pm


Hmmm five pairs of shoes. There's actually six but my knee high boots are not pictured. I can live with six pairs fine, I'm not really a shoe girl!

11 pm

I've totally lived in these velvet leggings all Winter. And Autumn. Since I got them! If you're contemplating some, they will be the best purchase ever. And you have to put your hair up if you're in Sweden. It's just the law.

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