A picture an hour: Birmingham to BorĂ¥s

one step closer to rainbow hair


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Tavi and I would be homegirls but I failed and she owned! Seriously! Her blue hair is the best. I think I have an new addiction to tumblrs. At first I thought they'd be annoying in a google reader, but it's actually great to have a cute picture pop up between written posts. Maybe I'll do a post on my favourites! I've saved a million pictures on my computer but a massive chunk are of pretty girls with coloured hair. Can you believe I posted about it way back in September, it only seems like yesterday! So I've officially been thinking about it for four months with no avail. The lilac streaks I bought are quite tricky, especially since the don't curl. In fact I don't know exactly where they've gone! Along with my favourite ever black lace H&M skirt, this room seems to be claiming things in an invisible black hole!


Over Christmas I decided to take action and bought a cheapie spray-in colour, which just ended up just turning crispy. So I got some gel colour by StarGazer in the New Look sale of all places! And I picked up some bleach and brought it all the way over here as I knew I'd be bored last weekend while the flat was empty. So Tavi and I were simultaneously dying our hair!


I should have ignored the instructions given as an hour of bleaching did absolutely nothing. And I did it twice! Actually it might have been best to ignore them first but obey them later when they said 'do not store as the bottle may explode'. A few days ago I found a big puddle of bleach on my floor, oops.


I died the first two curls. No difference! Btw you know it's best to not wear precious clothes when dying so I wore one of my Dad's fire station tshirts that my sister and I always steal!

The pink gel has a lid that ends in a comb and the gel squeezes through the middle, which makes it less crispy and more evenly toned. And you don't get pink hands! It still turned a strong pink without any bleach effects but it's too bright, not the pastel, faded pink I wanted. Maybe lilac would be better? It didn't last until the first wash though, it barely lasted one sleep! It just sort of disappeared over night? So this either means I'll have to go to a hairdresser and say hello, I'd like pink hair but I'm not crazy, or have perpetual one-coloured hair. And before you think it, yes I know I don't have brown or blonde hair so it's harder to find a colour that looks OK but I've saved way too many pretty pictures to not join the club too. Which colour do you think would be good? I think I might be going to Copenhagen Fashion Festival in a few weeks so that's the deadline! Maybe the ends could all be dip dyed? All this totally takes me back to teenage days of under18 rock clubs where under-colours and piercings were like the coolest thing. Ah and I might have some spare Copenhagen tickets with free London flights so start thinking if you can make it!
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