Battle of the Furs
Copenhagen Fashion Week Day One

I'm Chuck Bass

You know I am Team Bass. Forget all this Twilight stuff, although my good friend pulled a guy who looks exactly like Taylor Lautner, hiii Ellie haha I hope she reads this! I miss my friends in England!! Anyway, I will always and forever more be Team Chuck Bass, no matter how desperate the Gossip Girl story lines get. Dan's curly college hair certainly didn't sway me and Nate is pretty but sooo booooring! I like arrogant guys! So one day I thought I should express my love to the world and happened across the Yatt Chuck Bass t shirt that quite a few LookBookers have, just check google images! As I just got the link, I found it's now sold out! They say they'll bring out new designs and want to keep them exclusive, but really how many girls across the world actually have this t shirt? Maybe quite a few, after all CB is the hottest. In fact now I just regard him as my secret boyfriend. But yes I truly have no qualms about wearing this, it's the best thing ever! Granted I won't be wearing it to important, life changing events, but I totally wore it to class and then to the impromptu sauna party last night with a massive vat of sangria. Sadly nobody actually noticed it, or maybe they wanted to avoid the strange girl who's acting like a crazed teenager.   


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