The luckiest shopping day in history - Part One!
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The luckiest shopping day in history - Part Two!

If you're reading directly from the blog, check out part one below first! Thanks for all the overnight comments guys, I guess I never considered why I document a shopping trip but it's a rare occurrence nowadays!

So I stopped when I'd just got a lipstick and then left the main mall and went to some of the smaller ones on the streets. I crossed the tram line and the river about ten seconds outside and went into Zara. I knew that if I wrapped up for the snow I'd be so hot in the shops and I was right! I was wearing a jumper but took that off- and I'd actually worn my oversized Monki tshirt because it's easy to whip off in a changing room haha! The Zara store is a decent size and had a large sale section with a huge mound of tops and general leftovers and rejects of the sale. Shoppers were thumbing rails in a busy frenzy so I just looked across and right there were two more furs! I've said how I was hunting shaggy furs on eBay in the past week and then suddenly I see two! What's more, I happened to find three furs in different colours and styles, so I could choose the optimum! 

I will do a separate post for these as I need some help deciding which to keep, but here's the overview. The first two are the Zara furs, which were the only ones in the store and in my size??!! The first was reduced from about £40 to £10 and is cropped but quite puffy, but the fur is a duller white which is more versatile. The second is a looong black gillet which is seriously warm but sleeveless, and I don't wear sleeves too much! I took that to the till and found out the price was £10 reduced from £60, so I bought it too!

SNV83465 SNV83470

The last is the H&M coat, which is a brighter white and very shaggy, so makes the most impact! Argh I can't decide!!! If the H&M one was in black I would go for that, but I do like white and it's not that much crazier, I mean it's only white! A short fur jacket would be much safer too and I just feel like they might look a bit crazy-lady ish? Not sure? I don't think I'd wear these with a guy, put it that way, and that's sometimes my deal breaker. But then again, I don't want to dress for guys! Ah I'm still thinking about it. What do you think? I'm only going to keep one!


I also picked up this umbrella reduced from about £15 to £5 with skeletons and stars on! By now I had quite a few bags and the furs were bulky so it was getting a bit hard to get around! I popped into Mango but I think their merchandising is terrible and therefore didn't see anything calling out, so I set off for Topshop. Because these shops were all in the same mini mall, I was just walking through on the path straight to Topshop and just so happened to catch sight of a small, full-length window with some designer goods inside. I did a double take and walked back to peek at the Marc by Marc and See by Chloe. The shop was a tiny boutique-y place with embellished rails and sparkles all over the place; there was a lot of Juicy Couture! I happened to look in the doorway and saw a REALLY strange sign: '18th Amendment, 500kr.' Now this is possible the WEIRDEST thing ever because I have been searching for these jeans for the past three years! Here's the proof of when I first spotted them in the weekend Guardian on 20th January 2007!!!!!! I wrote about them when I used to blog from LiveJournal?!

18th Amendment are an Australian brand that made vintage inspired jeans named after silver screen icons, and if you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I love the film Dazed and Confused, and have a special penchant for 70's super-tight, high-waisted flared jeans. I just love the way that era was so new and nonconformist, and the fashion styles were major statements but done in such a cool, casual way. And high-waisted jeans feel amazingly good! They make your legs look so long and require high heels or wedges, but of course they cover your legs. So you feel super sexy but are still all covered so it's not too much! What's makes it EXTRA strange is that in 2009 I went on a shopping trip to finally hunt the perfect high-waisted flared jeans, as I'd only ever found skinny styles, and found a pretty good French Connection pair, but they still weren't high waisted enough. I have a long torso and small waist so anything usually deemed high-waisted really isn't. When I say high-waisted, I want something actually right up to my waist, not just above my hips! The thing that makes this weird is that on the day I was looking for the perfect jeans that I'd been hunting forever, I looked online at who stocked 18th Amendment as I'd always remembered them as looking perfect. I found the Manchester designer store Flannels stocked the brand, and they told me they'd gone to their outlet store in the Northern Quarter. I went there and tried on a pair, but they didn't fit so I deemed the brand as unsuitable for me. And that's the day I browsed around the rest of the outlet warehouse and found my super cheap and equally fateful Miu Miu shoes!!! So 18th Amendment have already lead me to great things, and it was SO strange to see them in a random boutique in Gothenburg in Sweden?!

I went inside the shop and saw they had three different styles, one being the Bacall 'True  High Waist, Wide Straight Leg' style in 'Heartbreaker' so they have HEART SHAPED POCKETS!! I actually said in my 2007 LiveJournal post about this style: 'They are perfection. If only I had £185. IF ONLY!' Well today they happened to be in front of me and 2799kr down to 500kr, which is about £240 to £45!!!! They had a small changing room with a purple velvet fringed curtain that didn't even pull all the way across but I threw off my velvet leggings (see I truly wear them constantly!) and they are an AMAZING fit! Reeeally high-waisted and the perfect colour. They're of course miles too long but I'll get them taken up in England in two weeks and will wear them with platform wedges!! They're actually the best purchase in history! And it was SO lucky that I actually happened to glance right at a window when I was daydreaming straight on the path to Topshop!


The sales assistant was throwing a spin on the jeans but I knew I was going to get them as soon as I put them on! I'm a bit cautious as I consciously put on a bit of weight over Christmas as I was fed up of being bony, and so I'll have to try and keep this weight constant! Nothing major, I just don't think I was really eating enough. When food is so expensive, you're not keen on using up lots of it!

By now I had looots of bags haha, people kept looking at me strangely! I did hit Topshop but they add a third of the price, and TS isn't exactly value for money anyway. Everything I looked at was just a bit insane. They do have a large Beyond Retro section though, here you can see their signature tutus! If you're ever in Gothenburg and are wondering where all the cool dressers and hot guys are, they're all browsing BR!

SNV83493 SNV83495

I walked into the store and saw this bow print crop top right away but this face shows what I thought about the £30 price tag. Really that much for a little bit of printed cotton? And this skirt was nearing £50!  Just really ridiculous.

SNV83479 SNV83489

I was feeling a bit worried that I was adding a lot of new things to my full wardrobe, but I went onto BikBok and browsed their great sale! There was nothing I wanted though, but I did pick up these three necklaces on their '3 for 50kr' sale, which is less than a fiver! I might save them for birthday presents if I don't wear them myself!


I was excited for Weekday but it was actually really bad! They had a huge sale on Cheap Monday but I wasn't looking for anymore jeans, although I've never tried CM, what's their fit like? Swedish girls look really great with their super slim legs and small hips, so their tight jeans with high boots look quite subtle but really cool, but my shape isn't like that so I wouldn't be able to get the effect! Weekday didn't seem to have any stock in, and what they did have was just random and boring, like they're trying too hard to be cool. I think this Cheap Monday dress was very strange, the black bits were almost like duct tape!


It was nearing four hours of shopping now, so I wrapped it up by picking up these boots in H&M for around £20. They were literally the only boots I found that were OK for snow and cheap enough. I'll take off the buckle because it looks a bit tacky, but I still don't particularly love them. Maybe I'll look in the shoe shops here before I wear them.


As I was getting some lunch/tea, I found there's ANOTHER Monki too! So there's actually three in Gothenburg! They had a much bigger sale section but I didn't see anything better than what I'd already got. I made my way to the station and hopped on the next train with an English Cosmo, but slept all the way back! And so that was my big shopping day, making me not want to shop again for a good few months! My purchases are all in their bags waiting to be worn, and I'll return some furs next week when I got to Gothenburg via Copenhagen. I'll do separate posts for the jeans and coats as I'd love your opinion on which to choose!
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