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Miu Miu streaming

Check out the live Miu Miu streaming at 6pm (GMT)  live on AnOther. I'm excited! I honestly haven't watched any show live streaming this month as the timings have always been wrong for me, but I'm just finishing a report after a focused morning and will be tuning in at 7pm (Sweden time!). In some ways it would be best if the show was horrifying and revolting and I could do with a few more shows being like that please! I'm currently plotting the acquisition of some Miu Miu ss10shoes so don't need any other distractions. Not an acquisition destined for completion ANY time soon... I'm a bit hesitant as it feels like all designer gear ends up in a sale in the end, be it online or at a sample sale or an outlet. But I feel like I would actually fork out over £300 for the beauties if the opportunity arose, I haven't found them online yet so haven't had the nail biting moment where your mouse hovers over the 'add to basket' icon. Not that I have £300 to throw at shoes I won't wear for a year, Sweden is bleeding me dry! It's my 21st in August so both parents and grand parents and birthday money might meet the dream! But then you must think of the multiple things you could buy for £300, such as a whole new autumn wardrobe. What to choose? I'm a big fan of collecting items and these would remain in your wardrobe forever, but I'd only wear them on VERY special occasions. Still, you don't buy them to wear, just to own. A little green envy over Alexa Chung who has hers sitting pretty in her closet. Could you ever forget this collection or these shoes? Also props to the 15 year old Lindsay Wixon modeling the SS10 campaign above who insisted on covering herself under a sheer blouse, go girl power! Oops I was on a role, back to the report!

p.s. This picture is from the blog Oh Elle which I just found, it's a goodie!

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