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Mius, shoes, and substitute socks


A beautiful day in snowy Sweden!

Anyway, did you watch the live stream of the Miu Miu AW10 show? I held my breath after the first stumble but the cut-outs reign on! I posted my lustings over the SS10 collection last week and despite being a few weeks behind on my Google Reader, it seems the blogging world has developed an intense love too. An INTENSE love. Every time I see bits of the collection pop up here, there, and everywhere, I start to get a little crazy. The collection is scarily good. I might have found a happy substitute though, along the theme of yesterday's post... Thank you for all your thoughtful and interesting comments! Seems you only live once but should still have self restraint in your back pocket.

Lucky Alexa Chung tweeted 'Congrats Miu Miu, you've created the perfect shoe.' Not all of her followers agreed (are you blind?) but if Alexa can get hold of them, can I?

'The Miu Mix' has got to be one of the most stunning editorials of the season, and another reason to buy Abbey Lee's pink streaked cover of Australian Vogue March 2010. The model Samantha Harris is SO GORGEOUS. Those lips, those eyebrows, that skin! Check her out in the TV campaign on I Like Tweet, thanks for putting a name to a face Clare! Pics from tfs. I have no idea where to buy international Vogues now Borders has gone hmmmmm. Any ideas Brummies?


And then there's British Vogue's nod to pin up in their April issue, with the editorial 'Private Dancer'. Love the trendy side plait but without a parting, but not so inspired by the sequined granny pants; a bit last year? They feature some of the SS10 shoes though, and they look unbelievably good. The shoes attract me so much because they look sturdy. We know the Miu Mius I own will break if you tap them! But this time they look so chunky that you could navigate cobbles and stairs quite easily. Pics from Fashion Gone Rogue.


Today I finished a report at lunch and then paid rent in the bank and returned something to H&M. I popped into good old Gina Tricot and happened to spot these socks in the boxes in front of the tills. Oh my, oh wow, straight away I thought 'Miu Miu!!!!!'. If I can't get the shoes (heck, since when did I have £360 to spare!), I will pay some sort of homage to them on my feet anyway!


To return to the Luella debate, they're obviously inspired by Miu Miu but I think it's quite a nice idea to make the print into socks. They seem the perfect pair to wear with bare legs, sandal wedges, and vintage dresses in the summer without looking too twee. And I must add, I've been getting lots of emails throughout the year about buying Swedish things for people, and while I'd like to do that, it's impossible to get to the post office. It's a miles walk away up and down hills, through a forest and over a bridge, and with the snow and ice it would be even more impossible. Plus I have no idea of the postage and tracking system here. Sorry guys!

Also I've been meaning to say for days, I found myself on ASOS!! This photo must have been taken by the lady who said she was from Elle, maybe she changed clients, as I think this is the photo taken near the Hilton just before I got a cab up to Victoria House. I'm so pleased to find an actual full outfit photo from London Fashion Week!! The shoes are cut off but at least you can see everything else and it's obviously a good camera as I don't look this in tune usually. You know photos on the posher street style blogs always seem to capture people whose colours always seem to work together? Like the Sart always does closeups of colours and textures, and I always think wow, that person is so organised and pristine and must have spent ages picking out the perfect colour combinations. But really, it's just the camera!! And I was carry a mess of invites and maps until the lady held them during the photo haha. To think I saw this coat so many times during last term and only really considered buying it when it was in the sale. And now it's one of my favourites!

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