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OK so for a teeny, minuscule second you might have thought I'd paid £500+ for those insanely good Miu Miu jewelled swallow platforms but £500+ I do not have, and if I did I'd probably do my fashion maths and work out that's a whole new winter wardrobe from the average high street store, or at least five amazing pairs of shoes. But while doing a major catch up of every blog post since the beginning of May, I was having a Twitter break and spotted a tweet from Claire of Young Shields (whose blog is very indulgent I feel, like one flick through and I come away with weeks of inspiration, so good!) saying that River Island had ripped off Miu Miu. I'd been waiting for this moment for months, finally a high street rip!

You might remember a post a few months ago about how far a store should be 'inspired' by a designer trend and I decided that creating an identical version is just cheeky (the white floral print dress with the heart cut-out is even in supermarkets) but putting your own spin on a design is OK. It only took one glance at the River Island site to spot the navy and pink pairs of bling. One quick fire enter of Mom's card details and they were slowly making their way to me. I haven't worn them yet because I was planning on taking them for a night out in Warwick (well, Leamington Spa with the lovely Warwick girlies I met in Sweden) but their '3 working days, 7am-7pm' delivery ended up being 4 days (going from Monday, when I even ordered on Sunday) and delivering at 6.55pm, which by that time I was on my way on the train blasting the Glee soundtrack.

After closer inspection, River Island have been quite clever. There's not actually that many similarities. Yes they're pink satin, have a black print, and a hefty amount of bling, but if they don't have a solid platform or straight, block heel, they're open toed, the whole structure of the front is different (if a little curved like some of the other Miu Miu shoes), there's a strap around the ankle, and the gems aren't a protruding shape; they're scattered. You could mention that the print is cherries, which make them more pin up rather than fashion forward and I'd much rather the bird print, and maybe give them credit for not copying the swallow print as some retailers have.


They're insanely high as your foot is totally diagonal and there's no support at the ankle, but they are so pretty and I will find a place to wear them, even if 99% of places are ruled out. One wrong step and you'll be scooping up gems off the floor!


p.s. The Miu Miu box above is from my only Miu Miu shoes from ages ago where a part has broke of twice and they're insanely painful, so you don't always get it all when you spend mega bucks, even if mine were heavily reduced!xx

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