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The Fashion Internship Guide - Part Three - How to impress at an interview

Beachy Keen

I'm off on my jollies in just over two weeks eeee! Well I'm going to Newquay with some chums, which include my best friend of six years and her partner and toddler and two more guys friends and possibly a little brother thrown in there too! So it's going to be lots of PG fun and hopefully lots of beach times! Do any of you guys live in Newquay? I'm going to do some research!

Really I chose internships over any kind of holiday abroad this year and I visited my friend in Paris, so there are no foreign shores for me. Not that I can get on another plane for a loooong time, I've been on so many this year!!! Even if I had the time and dollars, I'm really looking forward to rainbow sticks of rock and waterparks and maybe some days on the beach if the weather is good- pleeeease be good!!! We went to St. Ives for two days last year and our group along with a baby did get some raised eyebrows but it's the perfect excuse to go on child-friendly days out. I'm taking it as an excuse to go all summery again, even if the sunshine has deserted us over here. I couldn't resist getting a new bikini as I'm trying to stop wearing all the things I've had for ages and take the chance to buy some new things. I started a wardrobe clear out today and I'll keep you posted as I realised it's fine to have things that are years old but still in good condition, but in order to keep them exciting, you have to pair them with fresh things! If I don't invest in some new items soon, I have the danger of going to lectures this year in outfits that I was wearing to lectures in Manchester over a year ago! 

I've been eyeing up this bikini in River Island for ages as it was the last one in store and as payday is tomorrow, I treated myself. Now I can appreciate going on holiday thinking 'yay I can't wait to hit the pool in my new stuff!' rather than 'right I've packed my bikinis...'. I think we have set categories in our mind like 'cardigan', 'plain white tee' and 'shorts', and once we fulfil them it's like there is no need to ever replace them. But I might create a rule of knowing something is getting old when you just think of it as 'I'll need a bikini- I have one already from two years ago' rather than 'I have a fabulous, cute bikini I'll be excited to put on, hell yeah'. If it's not the latter, it might be time to sell, donate or recycle. Cradle to cradle, people!

Also I found this amazing site by typing 'make pictures cute' into google! These are my nails at the moment although they're not that neat as my gel nails have grown out quite far. I might leave them off for a while as they're quite expensive to keep up, I'll see how natural nails go.

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