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I've said recently how I've fallen into a clothes rut and that I really need to buy new things as my wardrobe favourites are going into old age! But in some ways now I know the shops and fits that suit me best and the items I'll get the most wear out of. This makes it hard to shop as I scrutinise everything against many standards (hence why I've got LOADS of makeup now instead!) and only buy things I have nothing similar too. That's why my wardrobe is so random! I'm not sure how many of you readers here watch my YouTube videos but would you like to see a wardrobe tour some time? I've removed some crazy offenders ready for the bank holiday car-boots so it's not too obscure, and I've put a few things on eBay here. I put a Buy It Now on all items and there's not many left, half sold in the first night! If you're eBaying, just add BINs so you don't have to wait around for a week for people to change their mind about bidding. 

One positive side of being a critical shopper is for going out clothes. When I say 'going out', I mean to a club! I just about never go out for drinks (unless before the club) or dinners or anything like that; when I'm at Uni I'll go to a student club about once a week and at home I'll go out maybe once a month. So going out clothes are really in a league of their own because I don't dress at night how I would dress in the day at all. If I'm out at night, finding cute boys is high on the agenda and it's also a chance to wear a tonne of makeup and have big hair. I've probably got about fifteen going out dresses (and one playsuit!) but I alternate about eight. I still have things on rotation from freshers! 50% of my favourites are American Apparel (all u-neck) and 50% are Motel (have you seen my sidebar discount code yet?), and all the others I like but have found fault in. Maybe they're too tight or too short. I don't mind wearing sort of the same thing at night because I know what I feel best in and what I'll gravitate towards. If I feel like I need a new addition to the selection, I go to AA or Motel. And I've recently confirmed that my go-to place for heels is Miss Selfridge. Miss Selfridge have great girly things and out of Arcadia you'd go there for something a bit more feminine or Gossip Girl style. I had a pair of navy triple strap Mary Janes from there in freshers year (do you long time readers remember me sticking Rodarte inspired spikes on them?) and they were actually quite high despite the pics, in fact I might root around my old things to see if I still have them! Well those shoes lasted so long and they were so reasonably priced. I only own one pair of shoes in each style (boots, flats, sandals, etc) because most of the time shoes are so expensive!


Socks from Gina Tricot in Sweden, tights from H&M.

My most recent heels were from the amazing Liverpool One shopping centre that I got when visiting a friend. She took us to an amazing club called Heebie Jeebies, any of you know it by any chance?! I really needed some new heels and spotted these ABSOLUTE BEAUTIES online. Seriously that required capitals because they are the shoes of my dreams, the shoes of perfection. The night before I went right to the Miss Selfridge site because I knew I'd find amazing and well-priced heels there, and I had no doubt in getting these in 'Polly Grey'. Only £36 minus the 10% student discount! They're most definitely Charlotte Olympia copies as they have a cut off platform and hot pink soles. But these have huuuge bows on the toes and they're a little pointed but still round. They're so lovely! I had to spend a while deciding which size to get as they're very high so you need them quite tight or else your foot will slip out. I got a size smaller than I normally do so my toes do get squished but no pain, no gain! They're the kind of shoe that I might panic buy ten pairs as I love them so. On the site they have this amazing polka dot pair, and the red pair would look so great with all my black dresses too. They had just my grey polka dot and a black pair when they first came out but these are too much! Ahhh! (And they ship worldwide like Topshop FYI!)

I also just spotted these black wedge boots with a bow on the back! I have no idea if 'suedette' means real suede but these type of wedges are everywhere this winter but good old Miss S puts a bow on the back. Writing this post is actually making me want to buy another pair as I'm not sure a better pair of heels could exist (panic!), but I just looked over my Miss Selfridge Aw10 press day post (haha my blog is probably the most useful to myself!) to see if I saw them at the Arcadia press day and remembered these hotties:

Lets hope they come out just as my grey Pollys (as I'm now going to call them) bite the dust, as platform Mary Janes are another of my shoe idols. I did know that the grey would get scuffed up and was going to invest in some shoe cleaner, but I've rubbed at most marks caused by dancing with a baby wipe and they're not obvious when worn. I have to go into town tomorrow to claim my tax back since I started working, and will pop in store to have another look at the platforms in other colours. I suspect I may drool on them and be made to buy them due to the damage, but that is my secret master plan muhaha!

And of course Miss Selfridge is in the Bullring, where I've shopped for most of the things I've ever bought since I knew how to shop! It was where the T4 Frock Me show was filmed a few months ago and now I'm really excited to be writing some posts for their blog! It's on the site Browse: Bullring which is like the sister site to the main Bullring info site and has a load of fashion info and lookbooks and info on the Style Birmingham event in September (I'm so going to hunt down George Lamb!!). If you live in or around Birmingham, I'd subscribe to the magazine as it's free and delivered to your door, and is full of trends and tips. I know from my stats that quite a few Brummies have found this blog so just out of interest, are any reading this? If so, have you ever met up with people at the Bull? Actually there's no point in asking because I bet you 100% have! Check out the blog here and sub to the RSS feed as I'm writing posts exactly the same as I write them here and it's more about shopping! xx

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