Happy Halloweeeeen
I want Lanvin not diamonds!

A Short Story

Despite spending loooads and having a bunch of new stuff in my wardrobe, I have no idea what I'm wearing this season! I haven't been going out half naked but I'm confused! I had a couple of gaps like some kind of warm thing to wear with maxi dresses and a new skirt to go with all tights, but I haven't worn everything enough to totally know what's what. I'm barely in Uni this term and only have one lecture a day when I am, so I haven't been wearing that many things if that makes sense? But like I said, I had a shopping list at the start of term and on there was some high waisted shorts, preferably leather but not real! Sadly I have come to the conclusion that shorts just don't suit me. I want really high waisted ones that end up being wide at the hem but nowhere has had anything just right. I've tried on loads of pairs but they don't fit the way I want, though when the pair below came into store last week I was like hellooo! Everywhere's coming out with the cut out shorts and they're not leather and about £20 with my discount, but alas shorts are not my friend!! The pair at the bottom are the ASOS pair that I was waiting to come online for ages but they were real leather and I don't like the feel of it very much.

I do however like this girl's hair a lot! And I got a faux leather skater skirt in H&M as my autumn staple so I've got my leather quota and can admire shorts from afar. In the meantime I'll take some photos of my newest buys for you but to be honest this reading week I'm trying to not look decent so I will stay in and do work! I just had a quick browse at the River Island Christmas collection and will be awaiting this hopefully faux t-shirt arriving; cropped tees and maxi dresses are a match made in heaven!


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