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My Blythe Life

I'm feeling quite positive right now, but that makes me nervous, like something bad is going to creep up on me! I probably shouldn't seems as it's exam season and I don't really have any valuables at the moment, although I have officially hijacked my Mom's laptop. I'm hopefully doing interviews for my dissertation tomorrow so that's coming along OK, but I still have a lot of work to get through. It's also payday on Friday but I might try to convince myself that I'm not going anywhere special until the end of January once exams are over so I shouldn't go on a shopping spree! I need to buy a new camera myself anyway, although I know I'll buy my faithful Samsung NV8 again second hand off eBay for about £20, it will be my 4th one I think! I've had it for years and it gives great focus when you don't use the flash, which I never ever use for blog photos, and the video quality is good. The bad thing is the flash actually pops up like a super old school camera; a bit ridiculous really but like I said, I never use it!

I took these photos of my Blythe doll as soon as I got her in the post in the summer and feel I should finally share them! I was waiting until I bought a nice outfit for her but I didn't see one online that I liked, and most sellers are in America. On Etsy you can only search which sellers post to the UK rather than are based in the UK, and I didn't want to spend £10 on postage for a little dress! I sized up Barbie dresses in The Entertainer and asked in many comic book shops, but nowhere in 'real life' sells dresses I can get my hands on.

I got the doll because, if you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know that I always use their pictures and I think Blythes are really cute and retro and pretty, and I've wanted one for ages! I bought one off eBay after doing a little bit of research, you want to be wary of fakes! Mine was from this eBay seller from Hong Kong and the shipping was fast and they seem genuine! I may not be 100% accurate but it seems they release about 10 styles of Blythe each year, so actually it's quite easy to go through the archives and pick which is your favourite. I believe they first made them in 1972 for one year, and you can get those Kenner dolls for lots of money if you spot one on eBay, but Takara started remaking them in the 2001 after the This Is Blythe book was released.

I couldn't afford an original Kenner and knew I wanted a rehead/ginger one of course! There are a few but the best price and most versatile one (i.e. with the longest hair and no fringe) was the Pow Wow Poncho, so I got her! It did take a few weeks to wait for a boxed one to come on eBay from a trustworthy seller, so take your time. The Red Indian/South American theme is cute as she comes with loads of accessories like a poncho and woolly hat! I did take her out of the box quite a few times but kept all the packaging neat and when she was displayed on my desk in Manchester, she was always in the box! You get a stand too so you could display one outside the box quite easily, but I didn't want her to get dusty. My housemates had a joke that I should put her in my bed so a boyfriend would wake up and be like omg she's turned into a doll?!?!?! Haha not so sure that would work!

A few months ago I could not imagine graduating and entering the working world, but now earning my own money and being part of a real company is getting more and more appealing, and a Blythe doll would make a great feature on a mantle piece or dressing table if I was fortunate to have my own flat. Our student house at the moment isn't the nicest anyway, but my damp, plain walls make me not too fond of my room! Our second year house really was as good as visitors said it was! Still I love living with my friends and do have a soft spot for our little place, hopefully I'll get my Blythe back soon! Also I unofficially named her Queenie as I just love that name! Probably best I don't name any of my kids it.

These photos are from Facebook, the one below is on my 21st birthday as I got the doll as a present to myself! I guess unless you're a photographer, or even a budding photographer, a Blythe is the kind of thing you'll get and then you'll just have; it doesn't exactly do anything. But I'm like that with a lot of things, I tend to really, really want something and work really hard to get it, but once I have it, the love fades very quickly. It's like when something becomes 'mine', the attraction fades because I'm always aspiring to things better than what I own already! But looking at the doll always made me smile and it felt like something I should own! The dolls are definitely an item for some seriously disposable income though so take your time if you are considering one for yourself.

Now I must get back to work! My Mom is adamant she is selling our house this year (uh oh!) so is starting to clear out all the rooms, and she just gave me this book she found. I think I'll be needing it!

Edit: I forgot to say she was about £100 including postage!xx

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