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Ohhh today I did a silly thing! I've gone to book tickets to get to London tomorrow a million times but when I booked a coach to get back to Manchester today, I booked it for tomorrow too by mistake! So I rocked up to the coach and the driver was like, 'this ticket is for tomorrow' and I was like ohhhh. My bad! However this turned into a good thing as I had a browse round the shops before hopping on a train, and spotted these looovely Topshop mary janes. The online pictures are, as per usual, a bit off but in real life they are perfection! A super high platform, super straight heels, and the strap in the perfect place. They're reeeally high, about 6 inches, but that's OK! They're out of my price range (erm I have no price range- my price range is £0 atm!) at £68, or £61.20 with student discount, and of course I already have mary jane perfection in my Forever21 heels, which touch wood are holding up well. Sadly they do have the centimetre of unremovable dirt along the bottom that is inevitable when you go clubbing, but you can't notice. Still, I can dream about these lovelies and maybe try them on just for fun. I went shopping on Friday as I was going out for drinks and my whole wardrobe is either super casual or super dressed up to the max, but again I didn't find anything. Everything in Topshop is sleeveless!! I have a bag, some new flats and a few soft tees on my shopping list for now anyway, so I'd better focus on those!

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