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Hi dolls! Some more nails for you, I'm already thinking about my next. These are cream/nude themed, with a polish called Linen by W7 which was kindly gave to me at an internship I did last summer, and crystal gems and pearls from eBay. People always ask me which eBay sellers I buy my nail things from but really I buy from any! I just search for the seller with the cheapest prices and quantities once postage is added. I also look in markets/haberdasheries, and some places like Poundland or emo shops that sell gems to stick on phone cases. However, if a gem is sticky underneath, it will not stick to your nail with glue/varnish! You have to peel of the sticky bit, as it's usually a little sticker itself on the back of the gem you can pick off with an orange stick or nail file.

And thank you for the lovely comments on my last post, you guys really are very kind and at the moment I'm especially loving all interaction on here and over Twitter and YouTube because I am so bogged down with my dissertation. The deadline is next Friday! I have other projects too and I work in the week so I have to juggle my time carefully. This year though I've survived because I made myself adopt better sleeping patterns. Nothing under 7 hours! And no watching T.V. on my laptop in the dark before bed unless I know I'll get lots of sleep, as I might as well be sleeping then! I've found it's not actually that hard to go to sleep once you put yourself in bed, and if I set my alarm clock when I will only get around 5-6 hours sleep, I switch it off anyway! I make ambitious plans to get up and study but then end up getting a lower quality of sleep for another hour when I snooze, so the key is scheduling in your sleep! I don't mind writing my dissertation right now but I have other assignments too, and it's not a real dissertation as it's only worth 20 credits, but it's still 10,000 words. I'm thinking more strategically as a lot of people are panicking and emailing ourtutor loads, but I need to put as much effort into my other 20 credit modules or else it won't matter in the long run if I get an amazing mark for this piece of work, but low in everything else. Time management is the key as the goal is to get an amazing mark in everything! *touch wood*

Also here's the video on my favourite products in March that I just uploaded! I also just made an '11 Most Reached For Products' video as I was tagged by the lovely Gemma. I don't really have a big enough blog (despite being four years old, woah!!) to say 'I get loads of emails/comments/messages' about something, but I do seem to get a fair few YouTube comments asking for a hair styling tutorial, so I'll leave my hair to wash on Friday afternoon and will film when I dry it. I'm still a bit apprehensive of YouTube haters and it's not nice when someone clicks 'dislike' on your video but, like real life, you can't win 'em all! I'm also still using the wash in/wash out Superdrug 99p hair dye in 505 Mahogany; it's in a little grey bottle and is often sold out, so if you don't see it, it does exist! 

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