Nails of the Week 6
Street stripping for River Island!

No wallflower

Hiii! Hope you all had a lovely Saturday! Today I mostly went to McDonalds which was a mistaker to maker on a delicate stomach from last night! Actually it was really good and saying goodbye to my friend was super sad!! I'm out again tonight and can't decide what to wear at all but I looove the dress I wore last night! I've been meaning to get it for ages and once I did, I didn't go out for ages so I've been itching to wear it! It's the Motel Erica dress and I have it in black too, but the floral is gorgeous, the print is lovely! I got a small by the way. I also now want the Katy Dress, so nice! Remember you can get 20% off with my discount code in my sidebar <---- and I get a bit of commission when you do so thank you to those who already have used it! I'm sure you are all happy customers as Motel is the best xx

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