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Hi! First and foremost, thank you for the lovely comments on my last post! I'm so pleased I finally ordered that dress, it's a new firm favourite! I hope you had a more productive Sunday than me, I've been reading blogs all day because I have no lectures tomorrow but I feel a little guilty that I haven't done any dissertation work this weekend. This final year of Uni is a permanent guilt-fest as you always have a deadline on the horizon! Less of that though, I must tell you about Friday! I went across to Liverpool as I was invited to a fab event for the River Island store there. As you probably know I work there so it seemed very fitting and the event was for charity! Also I looove Liverpool and if I wasn't at Manchester, I would have gone there for Uni as I think it's such a cool city! And I met Gemma of Gemsmaquillage too!

So I hopped on the train there on Friday to check out the secret stunt outside the store, and even I was shocked! You could donate a pair of jeans to charity and you'd get your pick of a brand new River Island pair. The catch was that you had to be wearing your jeans on the day, and the double catch was that you had to strip off in the street!?! All in the name of charity! I arrived at lunchtime as shoppers were just hitting the town but there was already a lot of interest outside the store. The fab ladies coordinating the stunt explained the stripping requirements and asked if I wanted to join it but I had to decline! There can't be pictures of me in my knicks online! Haha for a split second I thought hmm it is for charity but the freezing cold day and my intact dignity won over- probably for the best! However loads of people were enquiring about what was going on and people started doing it! Of course I have chose my photos wisely for this post...!

A camera crew was filming and interviewing the volunteers, most of whom had handily worn long tops that day. Some people stripped right off though, especially the guys! I saw some photos of a whole bunch just in their boxers but sadly I missed that one!

Then Gemma arrived! Gem's channel is the first one that got me watching YouTube beauty videos obsessively and the first time I found it I was like omg people just talking about makeup and hair, yes this is something I want to hear! And we were both doing Erasmus study abroad years at the same time so her vlogs were really interesting for me to see from Sweden, and there's not many Northern bloggers/vloggers out there :) I knew she would be but Gemma is so fabulous! As you could imagine it's strange but at the same time not when you meet a blogger, and meeting a vlogger is even more strange yet familiar as you've already heard them speak and seen them on film but it's so cool to have an actual conversation! For some reason I didn't get any photos of Gemma apart from this one of her filming, my mistake! We were too busy having a natter about about Youtube and blogs of course but were mostly distracted by what was on display!

Haha this man took his top off too and had the worst fake tan lines!! He was definitely fake baked! As it got into the afternoon, the crowds were huge and people started stripping in groups, with everyone cheering them on and applauding. We spoke to a girl who had just done it and she was like omggg I can't believe I did it! I'm not quite sure why but Gemma and I thought there might be some laws around donating to charity as of course River might have just gave a load of new jeans to charity, but I don't think companies can do that quite so easily. Great to do a publicity event and make it for charity though, and it was so funny to see the reactions of people having a peek at what was going on. I'm going to be very sad when I have to leave my job up here when I graduate, I love River Island! Well done to all involved in the event, it was a fab day xxx

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