30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 11
30 Day Clothing and Accessories Challenge Day 12

Nails of the Week 11 and 12

A double whammy of nails this week! My first nails were with Gosh Lavender, a gorgeous Barbie purple. I got some icecreams off eBay to stick on; they're so cute! I had a mini Hello Kitty on my thumb too but it fell off, and due to previous nails, these were quite battered. Hence why my nail photos are usually from fairly far away of not too focused, and I use seriously thick coats of polish... unlike the photo below! I said yesterday that I was browsing Topshop in the Manchester Arndale and saw a WAH nails pop-up desk, which seemed the ultimate post-dissertation treat that wasn't buying more clothes or makeup. If you are in Manchester, you have to check it out!! It's definitely there until this Saturday, and it may carry on. The nail artist is fabulous and it felt like I was only in there for about 5 minutes because we gossiped about nails for ages. Her name is Mackenzie and she has a Tumblr, yesss! See if you can spot my nails! I chose to get the studs and they feel sort of ghetto-fabulous, they just feel super cool! The polish and the studs are really shiny so they catch the light all over the place and it's very nice to actually have neat nails for once. The polish is a bit more coral in real life too, I think I am coral obsessed!

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