May Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 17
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May Fashion Blogger Challenge Day 18

    18th. Your brightest lipstick 

Hi guys! Gosh I apologise for the break in posting the challenge, I'll have a catch up now! I was home over the weekend from Friday and didn't have time to schedule any posts, and didn't want to make them half-hearted. However maybe fate caught up with me as I set up all my bright lipsticks for this post and whatdyaknow, there was a lipstick avalanche and loads fell on the floor. Great! I can cut a layer away but this was not part of the plan and many are now smooshed. It was mostly to illustrate the fact that I have a lotttt of bright coral lipsticks!! I am always after the perfect one and it is a search that is never complete. I've actually banned myself now as there is no point in buying another as it will probably be a smidgen different to at least three I already own! I definitely need to start wearing these more haha maybe I have a century's worth of lipstick.

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