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Day two of May, day two of the challenge! I wonder how fast May will go? It was really fun to see everyone's wardrobe posts yesterday and how vast some were! I think in life you're either an indulger or a rationer - and in terms of clothing that means you buy something you love and wear it over and over again to death, or you covet it and save it for fear of using it up - I'm the latter. However I've been trying to encourage myself to get good wear out of my favourites as I have enough clothes and I know another favourite will come along shortly! Ditto with makeup and beauty products. There's no point in buying a product but only using a teeny bit each time as then you don't get the full effects!

I definitely have the most nail polishes though - over 70!!! I love math so I did a calculation and say if one bottle contains 10 wears and you paint your nails once a week, that means I have roughly enough for over 13 years!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god. That's actually made me feel a bit sick, what is this consumerism!? I received a fair few in goody bags or as freebies with magazines but still that is a LOT of product.

In my wardrobe the biggest category seems to be bodycon dresses, of which I have years worth. They never really go out of style and, as I wear them on nights out, they don't get too worn but I'm able to get a fun wear out of each time. At the moment I have six different prints of the Zoe dress from Motel!! I only started buying them this year even but they are SO flattering!!!! They have a really high neckline and straps close to your neck so your arms look longer and leaner and they really flatter a smaller bust. I wear mine as tops with dresses, skirts or Riding Pants or of course on a night out as the dress. Today I wore the Tropical Butterfly dress tucked into my navy Riding Pants - did you spot me on the Motel Facebook page?! Then going clockwise, I wore the Poppy Field print to London Fashion Week, got the pink horizontal striped at our last sample sale, wore the Pebble Print on Monday under a pink American Apparel circle skirt with creepers, I wore the Big Daisy to the Motel SS12 Evening, and I haven't worn the Black and White Vertical Striped one yet but I had to get it as it sold out so quickly the first time it was released! To wear them with trousers, I just fold the dresses under, right up over my bra so there are almost like two layers of fabric, both thin anyway. They come in bodies too though; I really want the rainbow fade one now! Psssst this blue leopard one is in the sale for only ¬£15, and the sale is ending really soon! I can't tell you when but you won't see it after the weekend ;)


I have so many lipsticks too and have made a resolution to definitely wear my bright ones on a daily basis. I don't even want to think how many year's of lipstick I have!! It's not the money that's the mind boggler, as I buy mostly inexpensive makeup, but just the fact that I've gathered so many new ones without appreciating what I've already bought before! Until tomorrow guys - this challenge is becoming very eye opening!!

And here is the list of bloggers who are taking part, let me know if I have missed you! So great to find so many new blogs...
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